Cabinet Upgrades and Re patch

Over the years we have seen and worked on lots of Network Cabinets. Some are very neat and tidy, the vast majority however are a complete mess. Apart from poor management of the cabinet the main causes for this are:

  • – Cabinet has become too small for purpose
  • – Patch leads too long
  • – Switch to patch panel locations incorrect
  • – Lack of cable management

We have all seen 6u wall cabinets installed 10 years ago that original planning had down for about 20 users only for today to see in hanging off a wall with 100+ connections.

Datalek can upgrade cabinets for bigger more user friendly units with due thought to future network expansion. There are a vast array of cabinets available of superb airflow and inbuilt cable management

Cabinets & Racks

From small wall mounted cabinets to floor standing server racks, it’s vital that the correct method of housing and protection is installed initially. By selecting the correct cabinet, this allows for easy management and growth of your network as well as allowing the ventilation of your hardware.

Cabinet Services

We have all seen cabinets that start of neat with good intentions then after years of neglect end up a ‘rats nest’ of patch and fly leads with little or no cable management. Datalek offer a service to strip back all the panels and switches and by strategically moving panels and hardware around and re-patching can bring the cabinet back to a neat and manageable order.