One of Datalek’s core services is the installation of structured cabling for IT and communications in various environments.

From small infrastructure requirements to cabling complete buildings and sites, Datalek have the skills and experience to deliver on all sizes of projects.

Network Audits

Most legacy networks have evolved rather than been managed and planned and it is also likely that different companies with different working procedure and standards have maintained your network overtime.

We are adept at performing Network Audits and producing detailed plans and labelling systems.

Cabinets & Racks

From small wall mounted cabinets to floor standing server racks, it’s vital that the correct method of housing and protection is installed initially.

By selecting the correct cabinet, this allows for easy management and growth of your network as well as allowing adequate ventilation.

Security & Access Control

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Audio Visual

From classrooms to boardrooms, Audio Visual systems are an increasing and popular way of communicating information and training across all learning platforms.

With such a varying array of solutions available, Datalek can plan and install single room or cross site solutions