Why have Access Control?

Put simple, Access Control Systems let you decide who has access to your building. Yes locks and keys can do the same job, but keys are often lost or stolen and can be expensive to replace, as too are locks. Keeping an audit on who has keys too can also become an impossible task to keep up with.

With safeguarding now a major cause for concern, the risk of leaving doors unlocked leaves premises open to ingress and the responsibility of protecting staff and pupils is heightened.

With an Access Control System you can easily decide who has access to what areas of your school. The system will also allow you to keep track of who is on your site at all times.

Tokens are issued to whoever you want to have access, these can be in the form of fobs or cards. The cards can be programmed for each area and if a card is lost it is simple deleted from the system as to eliminate the risk of unwanted access

After trialing various systems, Dataleks partner of choice is Paxton for the following reasons

  • – Ease of Installation
  • – Cost of hardware
  • – Ease of operation and management once installed
  • – Sits seamlessly on you r existing network
  • – No monthly or annual fees for software updates