Audio Visual solutions have become an essential tool in teaching and in making presentations. There is a vast choice of affordable solutions to suit any size room. From small meeting rooms to School Hall productions Datalek have been supplying and installing Audio Visual solutions to provide a fun and interactive way to communicate with its audience. Key also is to provide an easy to operate system to allow all users no matter what their IT skills are to simple connect a devices and present the content of their choice.

Whilst still installing projectors and projector screens on a daily basis lots of customers are now turning to newer interactive panels. The panels whilst at the moment are around the 60-70” size offer more benefits than the legacy projector and boards such as:

  • – No loss in image quality due to lamp failure
  • – No loss in image quality due to lens and lamp life
  • – No projector glare when stood in front
  • – Height adjustable systems available due to only one moving part
  • – No need for ceiling electrical points to power the projector